Pest Control Services Boise, Idaho

Barefoot Lawn | 208-323-8002 | Landscape Maintenance in Boise, Nampa and Meridian, IdahoWhile pests are natural, no one likes an infestation on their property. Large pest populations result in damaged lawns and house-intrusions. At Barefoot Lawns, we have perfected our techniques to eliminate pests in the Treasure Valley. Whether you want to rid them from your property or prevent them from ever appearing, all you have to do is give us a call. Our expert crew will examine your lawn and utilize the proper measures to ensure that you don’t experience those bothersome pests.

Pest Prevention

Also referred to as “Spider Barrier”, these applications are done only upon customer request. We recommend that at least 4 applications be made throughout the year for the best continuous results. This application is done by spraying 3 feet up and out around the base of the home, and around all windows and doors to kill any encroaching spiders. Much like other products we use, once dry, it is completely child and pet-friendly.

Pest Elimination

In addition to the Spider Barrier applications, we are also one of the few companies in the Treasure Valley who are able to provide a product that is sprayed into the crawl spaces of a home to rid them of pests. This application is made through the foundation vents found on the exterior of the home.

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