Helpful Lawn Care Tips Boise, Idaho

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At Barefoot Lawns, we provide customers with expert lawn services as well as helpful tips to keep their landscapes healthy. This ensures that our customers have the knowledge to take action when obstacles arise. Below, you can find helpful lawn tips on a variety of subjects.


Watering properly is much more an art than a science and the most important tool in making your lawn look its best. When watering turf, run your sprinklers so the soil is wet three to four inches deep. Normally, this should create enough reserve moisture in the soil that you will not need to water again for two to four days depending upon rainfall amounts if any. It is best to water a lawn heavily and infrequently between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. One common mistake with irrigation systems is that too much water is applied every day, which can lead to disease problems during the summer.

Look for early signs of wilt and dehydration to determine when your lawn needs water. Common indicators include a bluish-green color, curling grass blades, and footprints that remain on the lawn. Most lawns in the Boise, Idaho area require about 2 to 3 inches of water per week depending on the season. If you’re unsure of how long to water, put a mark one inch from the bottom of several plastic containers and spread them around the watering zone. Clock the time it takes to reach the one-inch mark and water for that length of time in the future.

To determine the soil moisture depth, use a screwdriver or a garden trowel. Push it into the soil and if you meet little resistance, then the soil is wet. If it does not push easily into the soil, then additional water will be needed.


Help your lawn breathe again and make other treatments more effective. Deep aeration allows fertilizer to be most effective. When done right, aeration helps grass grow more consistently. It is important to have someone experienced performing the process to avoid damage to the lawn.

Grub Control

Unless you want them as pets, we can help you get rid of your grub problems. Grubs feed on the roots of your grass and can destroy lawns very quickly, especially when a grub population is large. At Barefoot Lawns, we know exactly how to prevent these grubs from further damage.

Pest Control

Who likes pests around their house? We don’t either! We can help you with your pests. There are products that can eliminate your current pests and also ones that can prevent them from ever showing up. At Barefoot Lawns, we have the most effective solutions for both!

Sprinkler Services

Repairs, maintenance, blowouts, advice. Yep, we do all of that and MORE! Preparing your sprinkler systems for the upcoming seasons is very important to avoid severe damage. If you have damaged parts in your sprinkler system, your lawn suffers and water is wasted. Fortunately, at Barefoot Lawns, we handle all aspects of sprinkler service.